Debt recovery

Intercoll prides itself on a professional, thorough approach to Debt Recovery. Having been in the industry for just over 20 years our long-standing team of experienced collectors work with both the client and the consumer to ensure a satisfactory end result for all parties.

We adopt an individualised approach to each debt file resulting in a much better outcome for our clients.

Ledger Purchasing

Intercoll continues to grow as a purchaser of distressed debt in New Zealand. Our agents are mature, empathetic and trained to protect the brand and reputation of our vendors and Intercoll alike. We have adopted a policy that more and more, readily identifies and works alongside those consumers who will satisfactorily address a debt whilst simultaneously identifying those who have no wish to acknowledge the debt and referring them to Budget Advisors and other local support agencies.

For our clients, sale of non performing debt is a good solution to improving cash flows enabling them to focus on other productive aspects of their business.

We also offer seamless flow-forward agreements and have built long standing partnerships over the years based on these agreements which offer peace of mind and a guaranteed income to our vendors.

Private Investigation

We treat debt files as investigations when required. In cases where criminal actions have occurred we are happy to prepare the relevant paperwork required to assist the New Zealand Police or relevant authority with a prosecution or formal inquiry.

Investigative services, unless otherwise specified, are generally performed on fixed fee basis, please contact us to discuss.

Document service

We offer an efficient in house document service from legal proceedings to trespass orders. All services include a full sworn affidavit of service.