Debt recovery

Intercoll gains its revenue from collecting money on your behalf, not from attempting to collect it. If it's results you're after and you’ve had enough of debtors then a phone call or loading of your account is all that is required to get the ball rolling. All inquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

There is an infinite difference between credit controllers and debt collectors. Credit controllers deal with customers, we deal with debtors. 

To register your debts simply visit our registration page. Relevant supporting information in the form of invoices, contracts etc can be faxed to 09 8271740 or by emailing with your instructions.

Receipted instructions are generally acted upon within 24 hours and progress reports are provided on a regular basis by the assigned case manager/investigator. Full details of charges are listed within the terms and conditions section of this website.

Intercoll operates a trust account to process debtor payments. In the event that payments are made directly to Intercoll, monies will be cleared and processed via our trust account. Charges will be deducted and your trust account cheque, with detailed statement, will be forwarded within 10 working days of payment clearance. In the event that monies are receipted directly by the client, Intercoll will forward an invoice for payment within 5 working days.

After the issuing of instructions to Intercoll we recommend all future inquiries from the debtor be directed to us.

Inquiries from clients, or potential clients, of any nature are welcome. Please visit the contact page for relevant contact information.

All we ask is the opportunity to prove ourselves.


We offer a comprehensive and full tracing service and leave no stone unturned in our search for persons we wish to communicate with. Obviously, to collect money, you have to have somebody to collect it off.

Document service

We offer a complete and efficient in house document service relating to all aspects of recovery work. Numerous associated documents from various Court proceedings to Trespass orders can also be served. All services include a full sworn affadavit of service.


In the event of seize able items or security we offer a professional repossession service. Prices are on a quotation basis dependant on the numerous variables. Please contact us to discuss further.

Credit reporting

A full range of credit reporting facilities is available from individuals to companies or organisations. For a minimal fee you can gain piece of mind about potential future clients or simply confirm suspicion. All credit reports come with our professional written interpretation and recommendations.

Fraudulent employment application cases feature more and more in todays society and can be a costly mistake for any employer. Confirm that what you are being told is the truth.

We consider credit reporting and background checks an essential ‘insurance’