Intercoll will lead the NZ debt collection industry in socially responsible debt recovery.

Our Vision

Intercoll is dedicated to leading the NZ debt collection industry in socially responsible debt recovery using values that each Manager, Associate and Agent commits to.

Our belief is that to achieve this goal an operational strategy based on fair negotiation practices and personal interaction is the fairest way to ascertain an accurate understanding of the consumer’s personal circumstances. Intercoll is committed to adhering to a Code of Practice that has established the standards we strive for. 

The critical success factor for our business is measured by the number of people we help through their financial rehabilitation thus enabling them to become economically active again.

Internally we seek to establish an entrepreneurial spirit that is based around fairness and continual excellence whilst ensuring all stakeholders are treated with integrity and respect. We believe that our industry has great social and economic importance in New Zealand and the better we become as a company the better people will be able to amicably meet their financial obligations and in turn the better major New Zealand companies will perform. 




The combined skills and talents we share as partners means we can raise awareness of domestic violence in a positive way and provide proven solutions to protect and nurture families as they transition from victims to heroes.