Private Investigation

New Zealand Investigations is a division of Intercoll and are Licensed Private Investigators.

It is a sad fact that more and more files are requiring investigative inquiries as part of the recovery process. We treat debt files as investigations when required. We find, appraise, and act upon the facts - not the debtors' often fabricated or exaggerated stories. In cases where criminal actions have occurred we are happy to prepare the relevant paperwork required to assist the New Zealand Police or relevant authority with a prosecution or formal inquiry.

We specialize in the investigation and recovery of evasive or ‘difficult’ debtors and can provide clients with references that will confirm many successful recoveries, even after they had initially attempted to collect the account through other companies.

Investigative services, unless otherwise specified, are generally performed on fixed fee basis, please contact to discuss.

Specific debt related investigation and asset appraisal can also be provided. We recommend confidential contact to discuss further.